Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek

Sorry, but as a trek fan, i have to vent. (some spoilers if you care)

The new movie is a good scifi movie, but barely an ok trek movie. The plot though was just really stupid.

A giant mining ship from the future comes back and is able to destroy an entire fleet of ships, but the enterprise by itself was able to destroy an entire salvo of the same torpedoes that destroyed an entire fleet. And the main component of the ship, the drill, can be knocked out with a handgun. And no one on the entire planet of vulcan had a single ground based weapon to shoot that thing with? Hell they could have just flown a shuttle pod into it. And lets not forget we have a ship full of romulan MINERS, not soldiers. But somehow nero is able to convince them all that they should wait around 25 years in the past to get revenge on someone who tried to help them - instead of like, going back to romulus and warning everyone. Hell, they could have taken the red matter and destroyed the star that destroyed romulus. (i'll ignore for the moment that any star going super nova, even if it was close enough to somehow destroy the planet, would still take YEARS to get there) But no, lets run around blowing up planets instead of saving the people we're so upset over losing. Convenient that the romulan mining ship happens to look so evil as well, instead of looking like, i dont know, a mining ship.

And lets see, spock needs a single drop of that red stuff to destroy a star, but decides to take along 50 gallons of it - were there a lot of other stars he planned on snuffing out? And when was the last time spock willingly surrendered such a powerful weapon to the enemy? He would have swallowed the red stuff before handing it over.

And i have to say, the engineering section of the enterprise sucked. no fancy words, it just sucked. it looked like a sewer treatment plant, which isn't too far from the truth. They shot all those scene in a beer factory. Did anyone tell abrams that the enterprise runs on anti-matter and not steam power? I mean the bridge looks like a futuristic glamor studio but the engineering section looks like it was processing toilet flushes.

I'll ignore for now that kirk just happens to get marooned on the same planet as future spock AND scotty. And I'll ignore that they happen to also be located in the same area on the planet. And i'll ignore that they managed to beam themselves not only onto a ship at warp, but several light years away.

I cant ignore though that a fresh out of the academy cadet is promoted to first officer after he sneaks onto a ship he was never supposed to be on. I get that pike thinks kirk has potential, but frankly, that's bullshit. Seems a bit unrealistic to me that a 17 year old chekov is also serving on the bridge of the fleets flagship. So he entered starfleet academy when he was 14? And i call bullshit on kirk being promoted to captain of the enterprise the next day, even if he did save the earth.

And why exactly did vulcan need to be destroyed in this 'reboot' ? Do they actually have something interesting planned with that or was just it some random crap they included?

And what was the deal with spock and uhura? His mom dies and suddenly they are in love with each other? The characters themselves were ok. I think quinto did a good job as spock. I think pine did an ok job, although i think they tried to make kirk a little too over the top. Scotty was too goofy - did anyone actually watch any of the original cast? Uhura was ok. chekov was ok, sulu was ok. I think the best job was Urban as McCoy.

It felt like they tried to cram too much stuff into 2 hours. if they make 2 more movies (apparently they bought the rights to do so) maybe those will be a little better paced and have a somewhat realistic plot. I hope so - because maybe then it'll be a little bit more trek, and a little less 'reboot'.